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The only official NARBELETH webpage will be from now on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Narbeleth/369227176434482

Tape Release of “Diabolus Incarnatus”

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Diabolus Incarnatus has been just released by Serpent´s Eye Records, from Netherlands, in a limited edition of 150 copies.

Tape release of Diabolus Incarnatus

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The label from Netherland Serpent´s Eye Records will release soon “Diabolus Incarnatus” in tape,in a limited edition of 150 copies.


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New NARBELETH´s album “Diabolus Incarnatus” is now finished. 7 tracks of pure Raw Black Metal, and within them, DARKTHRONE´s The Hordes of Nebulah cover. Now looking for a label who may be interested in release this record. The new songs were shown to the audience in the last live performance of the band at 6.6.6 FEST 2011.

The tape release of “Dark Primitive Cult” demo is yet available at http://www.intifernal.com.

Dakkar at 6.6.6 FEST 2011

Tape release of “Dark Primitive Cult”

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“Dark Primitive Cult” will be out in late May via Intifernal Records, from Bolivia. A limited edition of 333 copies for the true underground diehard metalheads. Check out at http://www.intifernal.com.

And here some pics from the perform of NARBELETH at the 6.6.6 FEST(februray 7 2010).

Dark Primitive Cult

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Dark Primitive Cult is the first relase of NARBELETH. Contains 3 songs of the purest Raw Black Metal. Now I´m waiting for the reply of some underground labels to relase this demo in tape. Let´s see…

See you in the road…